Conference Topics

The conference will address the following topics:

1. Urban Governance and Equity-oriented Policies

  • Inter-sectoral and multi-sectoral challenges & solutions to urban health
  • Policy alignment of national, regional and local agendas
  • Urban and territorial planning towards equity
  • Monitoring urban health equity: innovation in metrics and assessment
  • Information technology, social media and urban health
  • Place-based approaches promoting urban health: best practices
  • Community participation in urban decision-making
  • Public-private partnerships: practice and experiences
  • Innovative financing in the promotion of urban health
  • Global, national and regional policies and partnership for urban health and SDGs

2. Understanding and Addressing Demographic, Epidemiological and Societal Changes in Cities

  • Aging and healthy ageing in cities
  • Youth, adolescent and children as partners: promoting healthy cities
  • Current and emerging societal challenges (e.g. poverty, employment opportunities, local economy, affordable housing, sustainable use of land, social inclusion, urban regeneration, contemporary families)
  • Migration, refugees and urban development
  • Informal settlements and health
  • Transformation of diseases: double burden of diseases
  • Violence and terrorism: public health impacts
  • Urban crime, drugs, alcoholism and substance abuse
  • Urban e-health
  • Mental health in the changing urban environment

3. Healthy urban planning, measurement and metrics, data and research

  • Research, education & training: capacity building for action in urban health
  • Urban planning and healthy lifestyles
  • Partnership experiences: policy-makers and civil society in urban health research
  • Public health surveillance, tracking and monitoring
  • Data and tools for decision making
  • Technology for health solutions and research priorities
  • Goals, targets and indicators of SDGs for urban health

4. Environmental Health and Urban Sustainability

  • Built environment and sustainable urban infrastructure (e.g. public transport, transit systems, water management and sanitation, green energy generation and distribution)
  • Low carbon development and sustainable housing
  • Urban form, walkability and active travel   
  • Urban green spaces and ecosystems
  • Social and economic inequalities in environment and health
  • Mobility and transportation planning
  • Weather and weather-related events (e.g. cold weather, heat waves, flooding, landslide)
  • Emergency preparedness, resilience and response
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Pollution (air, water, soil, noise and light)
  • Food safety and security
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Big data and citizen science

5. Health Care in Cities: Access, Services and Quality

  • Maternal, new-born, child and adolescent health
  • Family planning and reproductive health
  • Primary prevention of communicable diseases
  • Primary prevention of non-communicable diseases
  • Community-based interventions
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and community health
  • Innovative programs, services, products & technologies
  • Age, gender and equity in access to health care services in cities
  • Universal health coverage: health financing, insurance and public-private partnerships
  • Health care services access, delivery and utilization
  • Access to drugs, early diagnosis
  • Health care quality
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